All partners have common tasks and specific tasks to be done. The activities are of two types – research activities and practical activities. Within research activities students will search, study and prepare presentations, videos and texts about the subtopics.

Practical activities will be carried out within the programme which project team will announce in the school and open to all students in school to give them chance to participate before LTTA.

Every school will carry out these two types of activities before LTTA, the same activities will be performed during exchanges with peers from all partners, aswell dissemination activities will be done in every school again.


Common Tasks

– Collect and analyse data, make reports;
– Update the project webpage;
– Coordinate durable works by students;
– Include the research results in the project booklet;
– Dissemination at local level – dissemination plan, tools, target audiences;
– Apply initial and final questionnaires to students;
– Create feedback forms for the meeting each of them hosts;
– Contribute to the design and support the programme that will be implemented after the project has ended.


Students selection for LTTA

A team of 5 teachers of each partner will pick students for this LTTA having as standards their:

– Ability to communicate with others in english (the main language of this project);
– Presentation and collaboration skills;
– Availability to participate during all project life in preparation and dissemination activities;
– Availability to receive and host foreign students during LTTA;
– Grades.