Play CS+MTG: Collaborative Strategy with Mobile Technology Guidance

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This team constituted by different realities and regions from Europe, where some partners are already known from previous projects, has the main goal of innovating our institutions with new pratices and methodologies, more efficients from learning and teaching point of views, that can really engage our students in their learning and therefore in their scholar success. For that, and since with all have foreign students, and students with special needs education, we have also to provide integrations in school, and in the classroom, providing them a innovative way of they demonstrate that they can be another citizen in our Europe.

The main topics for the project that we propose are:

MT1: Problem based education and collaborative learning;
MT2: Future classroom learning strategies with mobile learning;
MT3: Multiculturality in Schools and foreign integration;
MT4: Special needs education: Attention deficit disorder.

This emphasis on networking and collaboration is in line with several conclusions that we can find in Academic Research in Education with Technology: “Teachers who are involved in collaborative learning report using innovative pedagogies more and being more satisfied with their jobs” (the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) – 2013 Results). The level of connectedness can be seen as an indicator of a school’s collaborative culture and attitude to change. Based on the observations, it suggests a hypothesis, that for a school to really use technology to its full potential, it requires a high degree of inter-connectedness.

There is significant evidence of ongoing investigations to develop practice across the whole school. The more Advanced Schools seem to be more “inter-connected” – teachers and students inter-connected within the school, with their stakeholders (parents and the local community), with other schools and with external partners.

Text retrieved from the project application ‘2017