In each LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activity) will be done with specific research and practical activities.

Before each exchange, students involved will have to carry out the tasks distributed by the teachers in order to make their contribution to it, in accordance with the subtopic.

The products and results created regarding each LTTA will be listed in this folder.

Added value of LTTA:

  1. New motivational methods: create a learning environment where the student feels good and can use their own technology in a learning environment, closer to their personal learning environment, that we identifyied as having a lot of technology;
  2. Learning how to use mobile learning in learning process, by example;
  3. Sharing experiences while having Lectures from experts or organizing Conferences and Symposiums at local Universities about
    different teaching-learning strategies in order to organize classroom activities and improve motivation, academic achievements,
    behaviour and attendance;
  4. Cross curricular workshop for students and teachers;
  5. Consolidation of team skills;
  6. Promote and improve the foreign integration, knowing better the need of this disadvantages students;
  7. Promote and improve the special needs students integration, knowing better the need of this disadvantages students;
  8. Teaching to teach: the members of the team work with teachers of local schools to introduce them to a CW and PBL learning scenarios.